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Three Things You NEED To Know About Dropshipping Businesses In Nigeria

Dropshipping Businesses In Nigeria

Did you know? Dropshipping in Nigeria is actually pretty simple. There are a few things you need to know here and there in order to make it work, but it’s not so different from Dropship businesses in other parts of the world, and can create a thriving business for you if done right!

Fact #1: Dropshipping In Nigeria Can Create A Thriving Business

Did you know? There are already thriving, successful business people in Nigeria running dropshipping businesses. The industry makes it easy for you to successfully operate your own business, with the potential to make over $8,000 per month!

Fact #2: The Legality of Dropshipping In Nigeria Is Simple

You might be worried about the complicated nature of shipping things around the country. Fortunately, if you dropship with AliExpress, you don’t need to pay any business taxes, and if you target a local market, then you won’t have to pay import duties when the packages arrive. To top it all off, you don’t necessarily need to go to the trouble of registering your business officially in the beginning. It’s so simple, anyone can do it!

Fact #3: You Have 2 Easy Options When Starting Your Dropshipping Business

The first option is to get your own website, and use an AliExpress plugin to turn your website into an AliExpress store. It’s just that simple! You also have the option to purchase a ready-made AliExpress dropship store that’s already complete, which while more expensive, requires even less work.

We hope this has proven to you that anyone can build a dropshipping store in Nigeria! Let us know what your plans are in the comments below!

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