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Profitable Business for Ladies in Nigeria – Five of the Best Start Ups That Won’t Cost You Anything

Business for Ladies in Nigeria

Let’s change what men think about women in Nigeria. It’s 2019 and Nigerian women are now more independent, stronger and can do anything that they want. Aside from taking care of their families and their homes, Nigerian ladies are now their own bosses, earning so much with their own business start-ups.

Here are five of the top business ideas for ladies in Nigeria that you must check out now. These cost almost nothing to start but you need to have sincere discipline and talent to succeed. Find the one that fits your own unique talent and interests:

Your own catering business

If you love to cook different local and international dishes then why not try your own catering business? This type of business won’t cost too much to start. You can cater to small events at first and slowly expand your business to accommodate larger events and a wide variety of dishes as well.

Your own beauty salon

Nowadays, women AND men pay a lot of money just to look their best. If you have great talent in hairdressing and grooming then this is definitely the business for you. You can have your own shop or you can arrange to visit your clients and style their hair at home. You can even sell your own brand of beauty products! We’ve heard organic beauty products are widely popular!

Make great money blogging

Women are now exploring their talents and their skills online. If you love writing then this is definitely the business you’ve been looking for. It won’t cost you anything to start a website or a blog. You can update this on your mobile or PC. You can also video blog about anything and in this business, more views mean more money.

Start a fashion jewellery business

If you are into creating fashion accessories then jewellery making using organic materials will surely bring home the bacon. You can also sell your pieces online and cater to customers around the world.

Be the boss of your own events planning business

If you’re the type who can handle the tireless task of planning for events, special occasions and par ties then this is the best business to check out. You can offer your professional business to clients for various events like weddings, birthdays, sweet sixteen, conventions, business events and so on. As you gather more experience, you can take larger projects. Take note that this cost nothing to start but the rewards are truly amazing.

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