Consumer credit for acquisition

To visual programmamatically are schematic gra- graphs, drawings, charts, etc. The main types of collateral are surety guarantee, pledge, liability insurance for the borrower's outstanding loan. In the laws of the United Kingdom, Japan, Sweden, the Netherlands clearly established the right of state authorities to cancel the decision the Central Bank, and also to instruct him. loan money on a call — loan of up to in demand- ment) is a short — term loan that is repaid on the first requirements the tion and, as a rule, is issued under the provision of securities and goods. Qualification descriptors are distinctive the properties of this group of loans, its main feature.

To obtain credit for commercial purposes shall be submitted the following blowing documents: • application; • notarized copies of constituent documents; • notarially certified card with samples of signatures and seal; • the balance of the last reporting date, certified tax ince- peccia; certificate of tax inspection; • feasibility study of the effectiveness of the project; • copies of contracts, agreements; • assurance of repayment of the loan: (a) the Bank letter (croup- Noah company) with the representation of the constituent documents of the ban ka-guarantor balance of the last reporting date, the economic regulations, and the card of specimen signatures and seal; b) Garan- party letter to insurance company; C) the collateral. THE ORIGIN AND NATURE OF BANKS The word "Bank" comes from the old French "banque" and means "table". Insurance comp nia is obligated to pay the Bank as creditor insurance compensation in within 15 working days after occurrence of the insured event. The substitution of money in circulation contributes to the acceleration their turnover in the economy. Students form a holistic system of knowledge about banks tion activities and Bank as a financial institution.

Tax credit means a deferral or installments in payment of the on- logo. Therefore remains a key function of the conductor a money but-the credit policy of the state, and a new understanding economic processes naturally leads to a focus on stabilization in an ever more closely linked to General economic politikoy. To give conceptual and terminological apparatus of characterizing the essence and content of banking operations. History shows that one of the first services offered by banks, steel currency conversion operations. Through tra- Stevie departments of the banks managing the securities portfolios of their cus- clients, provide Agency services to corporations, producing stocks and bonds, act as Trustees under the will. An important condition for ensuring the repayment of the loan is to assess creditworthiness of the borrower and of the loan only Creux disposabel solvent and the borrower. Therefore, the effective functioning the activities of the Central Bank is one of the conditions for effective functioning of the market economy. The contract the thief of insurance usually requires, refund to the Bank by the insurer 50-90 % of the amount unpaid by the borrower loan within the specified period and interest. The Bank acts as an investment Fund, when places its resources in securities on its own behalf. As part of Finance performs the same three functions that and Finance: • the formation of funds and the receipt of cash from the cash resources; • the use of funds and cash; • the control function.